2x Blue, Pink Child Baby Cupboard Cabinet Safety Locks cabinet Door Drawer Lock

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Package Includes:

✮Hard to open for kids but easy for adults. ✮Installing the child safety lock is easy and quick with no drilling or screws required.

 ✮Adhesive stickers will stick well to your furniture and last for a long time. They don't come off easily and can be removed without damaging your furniture.

 Baby Kids Child Safety Cabinet Door Box Lock ✮✮Press Type Buckle: It is super simple for adults to maneuver and use but complicated enough where the kids and pets can't go through everything.

 Material: Plastic

 You can prevent the baby free to open the door, grind your fingers, damage to the cabinet items or items falling hurt baby. Used for refrigerators, washing machines / dry cleaning machines, chest of drawers, dishwashers and other supplies equipment to prevent the baby opened, eating or messing up the items inside to avoid accidents.

 DUAL BUTTON OPERATION -- Requires to squeeze dual button simultaneously and then pull the part out of the lock. Toddlers are hard to find out how to unlock them.

 PREMIUM QUALITY & DURABILITY -- Made from no toxic ABS materials that can be used on both flat surfaces and corners without breaking. Friendly to both children and pets.



Easy to open for adults and difficult for kids.

Unique bayonet design for easy one-handed operation

All flat cabinet doors are universal.

Will not leave traces and will not damage the furniture.

Scientific design:

 1. Our locks is very strong, it's difficult for baby to finger it out but adults is very easy to access it, great for baby safety. 

2. Easy to clean, just Need Wipe with alcohol cotton. 

3. Easy to use and install, just few easy steps. No tools and drilling required. 

 Easy Installation: 

1. Clean surface and let surface dry completely. (Make sure the surface clean and dry before installing.)

 2. Peel the backing off to reveal the adhesive tapes and press the cabinet lock onto the front of the door and the side of the cabinet or appliance.

 3. Press and hold each side firmly for at least 60 seconds. Wait at least 24 hours for full adhesion before testing. Specification: 

Material: Eco-friendly ABS Material

 Back: Adhesive Tape

 Size: 4*9.5*3.6cm

 Color: Blue(or Pink) Weight:12.7g

 Package include: 1* Small Security Locks After-sale service: