Blue LED Lights BALLOONS Clear Bubble Helium BALOONS Wedding Party Decoration

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Light up Birthday Parties & Festivals

In addition to being a gift for children 's birthday parties, this balloon light can also be used as party decoration for adults. And in different festivals, perfect decorations are needed to bring out the festive atmosphere. LED balloons can create a good holiday atmosphere, and also make people feel better!

Please prepare the balloons and light bundles and all accessories in the package.

2 - Hold the edge of the balloon by hand, pull it horizontally and vertically 2-3 times, and then smooth the flattened and unfolded BOBO balloon.

3 - Please use a helium tank or a pump to inflate the balloon. (Note: Do not blow the balloon with your mouth! ) When inflated to the size of basketball, slow down the inflation speed, and then inflate appropriately until the fold on the side of the balloon is fully unfolded.(The best effect is about: 12-18 inches)

4 - After inflation, the port must be knotted (preferably 2 knots), then tighten it with a rubber band and fix it on the balloon lock cup.

5 - Fix the connecting tube on the bracket, and then pass the LED light into the connecting tube and wrap it around the balloon.

6 - Finally, install two AA batteries (not included) in the battery box, turn on the switch on the battery box, you can see the beautiful light! (Note: Keep the battery box away from water and fire!)