FOOT ARCH SUPPORT Plantar Cushion Fasciitis Aid Fallen Arches Heel Pain Relief

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Medical Health Cushioned Plantar Fascistic Foot Arch Supports

China Factory Suppliers Wholesale Medical Health Cushioned Plantar Fasciitis Foot Arch Supports

Product type: Plantar Fascistic Foot Arch Supports

Size: Free size for all

Color: Black with Green as shown

Brand Name: FURZON

Package: 1 Piece or 1 Pair

Material: Elastic fabric, foam cushion

The soft but strong construction makes it supremely comfortable when worn as part 
of your daily routine, even when used on long walks with socks and shoes.

The Arch Aids help ease the painful inflammation that results from Plantar Fascistic
which is usually felt on the underside of the heel, often being most intense with the 
first steps of the day.

Simply place holding strap over either foot taking pressure away and holding them 
in the correct anatomical position.
 The Arch Support Cushions are just what your tired, aching feet need.
They have shock-absorbing power that give you relief from foot pain and give you better 
alignment to rejuvenate your legs, knees, hips

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