Perfume Refillable Atomiser Mini Bottle For Portable Travel Spray Case By FURZON

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  • The mini perfume spray bottle is small and light enough to be placed in your pocket or purse, which makes you
    enjoy a wonderful fragrance at every moment.
  • When you attend a party, spend time on vacation or on
    a business trip, it is a Great tool to keep you smelling fresh and giving you confidence.
  • Small atomizer hole to reduce perfume waste and make the spray finer
  • Lipstick size, small and light to place it in the pocket or in the bag
    Rechargeable design, recyclable and respectful with the environment
  • High quality, durable and lightweight aluminium material
    Comfortable to carry and maintain,
    easy to use, Suitable for parties, trips, outdoor activities

How to use:

  • Perfume bottle tube and spray bottle base alignment
  • Press down gently; observe the spray bottle capacity from the window
  • Automatic flushing, down a few more can be filled.

Package Included:
1Pc Portable travel refillable bottle.