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Hairdressing Scissors Hair Cutting &Thinning

About this item
✂Our ADVANTAGES: These scissors are made of hand-sharpened 440C stainless steel with superior durability, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and colorfastness. Razor-sharp edge for the ultimate smooth cutting, never lock up or get dull.
✂Always Handy for You: Both of them are lightweight and only weighs about 60g per one, the size is 17x6cm. You can handle it with ease. Convenient to carry and easy to store.
✂Unique Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic handles that remain securely in place in your hands can reduce wrist, elbow and hand fatigue. There is also a muffler pad on the handle to prevent noise interference which is very useful to avoid the fear from your pet through hair cutting.
✂Wide Use Occasions: Flat scissors can cut hair as desired, the thinning scissors can make hair softer and gentler without changing the length of the hair. All in all, both of them are perfect for Men, Women, Kids, Dogs, Cats or other Pets.
✂What You Are Concerned: They are pretty suitable for families, barbershops and hairdressers. You can do your own hairstyle at home with them. 
NOTE: We will address any issues if our product doesn’t satisfy you. Please feel free to let us know first.

Nowadays many people prefer to cut their bangs or hair ends. If you are one of them, a simple but professional hairdressing tool is very important. We believe you will like our scissors and they will bring you a happy experience!

Blade length: 6cm
Finger ring diameter: 2cm
Scissors length: 17cm
Barber scissors weight: 60g Per One
Package content: 2 PCS scissors
Scissors Maintenance Instructions:
Keep it clean after use and lubricate if necessary.
Do not use them to cut metal objects as this will shorten the lifespan.
Pay attention to safety when using scissors because of their high sharpness.
Please use the scissors carefully and do not fall from the height, as this could impair the edge adaptability of the scissors.
*** The scissors are very sharp and should be kept in a safe place away from children after use. ***