Super Strong WaterProof Flex Tape Rubber Seal Instantly Stop Leaks Adhesive Tape

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Waterproof Repair Tape Strong Rubberized Bond Flex Tape Instantly Stop Leakage Repair Seal Patch Tape

This Tape is a super strong, rubberized, waterproof tape that can patch, bond, seal and repair virtually everything.
Flex tape is specially formulated with a thick, flexible, rubberized backing that conforms to any shape or object.
Quickly cover large cracks, gaps and holes. Instantly seals out water, air and moisture to create a super strong.
It is environment-resistant, UV-resistant, and has a wide temperature range, so it can be used in extreme weather conditions.

Quantity:1 Pcs. Size: 10cm*150cm;

100% Brand new and high quality.
Keep it on board vehicles & equipment for emergency hose repair
Seal leaky hoses, pipe, tubing
Waterproof electrical connections and terminals
Use as an emergency fan belt
Work even over wet, dirty or oily surfaces
Use as a tourniquet or emergency wrap over bleeding injuries


Length : 150CM

Width: 10CM


Temp Range: -60 C to 260 C

Pressure : up to 4.9 bar

Color: Black or Transparent white


Automotive repair, Jacketing high voltage terminations

Motor lead insulation, Boat rigging wrapping

Flexible heater repair, Extension cord "connection" wrapping

Heavy-duty industrial pipe wrapping, Tool handle wrapping

"Final wrap" for Electrical distribution connections, Power & hand toll insulation Underwater use

Emergency radiator hose repairs; emergency insulating&barrier tape

The fishing industry uses, Military applications, Insulating generator coils, Temporary hose repairs

Harness wrapping: automotive, aircraft, protective

Scope of application: Water pipe/ Home and garden sealing tape

Type: Hand/ Garden/ Home tool part

Installation Method: Self-Adhesive

Shape: Cylinder

Package includes: 1* Waterproof Tape in Opp Pack

Note: Tape without paper roll