Work Boots Feet Arch Support Orthotic Absorb Shock Gel Massaging Shoe Insoles

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  • Work Boots Gel Insoles Shoe Inserts Orthotic Arch Support Pads Massaging Feet

For Maximum Shock Absorption & Durability
  •  This technologically advanced design allows grooves in the gel to act like tiny springs
  • Absorbing the stress of impact on the high-pressure points in the heel and the ball of the foot.
  • Massaging Arch Gel Insoles have the proprietary Massaging Wave System which is a technological advancement in Shock Absorption and Cushioning Comfort.
  • Spring Back Technology designed and created by Foot Soothers

100% Genuine Foot Soothers Worker Boot Insoles

  • Practical and helpful massaging silicone gel insoles
  • Provides special care and firm support for your feet
  • Soft and comfortable, helps relieve rubbing the pain
  • Non-slip massages silica particles design, no more slipping or sliding
  • The gel absorbs the impact on the whole foot and can help reduce stress and strain on the ankle, knee and lower back
  • Perfect for physical and sporting activities as well as everyday use
  • Color: just as the picture shows
  • Trim the insoles to the suitable size of your feet according to the trajectory of the forefoot part

  • They are excellent for individuals who suffer from Plantar Fascistic, Heel Pain, Ankle Pain, General Foot pain. 
  • Guaranteed not to rupture or leak and are made from medical-grade Gel polymer
  • They have an Antimicrobial Top Cloth which helps prevent blisters while controlling odor
  • They provide 79% more cushioning energy than regular gel insoles
  • They are also anti-fungus, anti-bacterial and washable, providing all-day comfort and molding to the shape of the feet along with shock-absorbing and cushioning features
Unlike ordinary gel insoles that are flat, the tapered design of Massaging Gel Insoles provides enhanced gel support in the heel and arch. The gel absorbs the impact on the whole foot and can help reduce stress and strain on the ankle, knee, and lower back. 
The Arch support can give you instant relief from painful arches.
Please note - this is low arch support providing item via the use of pressure points in the heel and toe area which push up the purple part of the insole. If you are looking for higher arch support insoles please look in our store for a much wider range of insoles available
Ideal comfort from heel to toe.


Mens 8-12 (Trim to Size)
Women 6-10 (Trim to Size
Women 8-12 (Trim to Size)
Mens 6-10 (Trim to Size) (If you are a size 8-10, please buy the mens 8-12, they will be a better fit)
Pair: Left and Right side